10 Reasons Why The GoPro Max Is Worth Buying

The GoPro Max allows you to capture all the action in great detail. Never miss an angle and shoot 360- degree spherical video with ease.

Introducing the new GoPro action camera that can shoot 360-degree spherical video. Also, it works with the usual “flat” video, supports the choice of the angle of view after shooting, quickly takes gorgeous panoramic shots. Let’s talk about all these and other features of the camera.

MAX is not the first GoPro camera to take spherical photos and videos. Before that, the company already had a Fusion model, which also coped well with 360-degree rollers. But before us, is not the Fusion 2, it’s the MAX. This suggests that the number of possibilities of the new item in comparison with its predecessor has expanded significantly. 

The manufacturer positions it as a versatile shooting tool that doesn’t care about the angle. When the camera is in hand and active, it records everything that happens around. It will be possible to choose the required direction already during processing.

Yes, 360-degree cameras have not yet become popular: the first models of such cameras offered to create content that could be immersed in using VR headsets, but this technology remained a niche. Manufacturers have focused on augmented reality, which has proven to be more relevant on mobile platforms. However, that hasn’t stopped GoPro from releasing MAX. Yes, she knows how to create content in 360, but this is only the first item on the list of her interesting features.

  • GoPro Max
  • Two cameras in one
  • 360-degree video shooting
  • A huge number of accessories
  • Shooting video in full 360 degrees

GoPro MAX sees everything that is happening around. It can do this because it is equipped with two cameras with a 180-degree view. -One on the front and back sides of the gadget. Now she can take spherical photos up to 18 megapixels and 360-degree videos in up to 6K resolution.

Since the days of Fusion, GoPro has redesigned the algorithm for the simultaneous operation, of a pair of cameras. When using the predecessor, it felt like it was glued together from two HERO models. The device took two photos or videos at 180 degrees, saved them to memory cards, and then glued them together. MAX, by contrast, creates spherical content on the fly. 

Therefore, it requires less effort both from the camera itself and from the user’s position. With the new product, it will turn out to throw technical nuances into the background and focus on creativity. The gadget has two cameras at once, and it’s easy to use them.

To start shooting, you need to turn on the camera, select the desired mode, and press the shutter button. In this case, the camera can be held on a monopod, mounted on a tripod, or mounted on one of the proprietary GoPro holders. You will be able to choose the required angle and even align the horizon after recording.

Traditional “flat” HERO mode

Compared to the GoPro MAX, the recent HERO8 Black, which came out not so long ago, the latter wins in shooting resolution. It has 12-megapixel standard shots, videos up to 4K at up to 60 frames per second, and slow-motion video – 1080p at 240 frames per second. MAX loses in detail in the final picture but breaks ahead due to the possibility of using a whole set of additional shooting modes, between which you can very simply switch using the built-in touch screen. It’s great even for selfies.

Fun Fact: The main difference between the GoPro MAX and the Fusion is the ability to switch the camera to HERO mode. It will be able to take traditional 5.5-megapixel photos, as well as record regular “flat” videos with a resolution of up to 1080p at a 16: 9 aspect ratio and up to 1440p at a 4: 3 aspect ratio.

Conveniently record your material for vlogs

We can say that GoPro MAX is not one, but three cameras at once, which fit into one. First, it creates spherical content. Second, it quickly switches to flat photos and videos. Thirdly, it is great for recording content for a video blog. To do this, it is convenient to use the rear camera, which is on the same side as the viewfinder. No need to waste time unfolding the flip screen. It is enough to switch to a suitable camera and shoot yourself against the background of something interesting or something interesting but without yourself. It’s cool when traveling, at mass and not very events – anywhere.

Smooth video stabilization

The camera supports Max HyperSmooth 2.0 technology. According to the manufacturer, along with it, the novelty becomes the stabilization record holder and provides the smoothest video in GoPro history. When shooting, you no longer need to worry about the effects of shaking.

A set of digital lenses

GoPro MAX lets you switch between digital lenses to create any shot. There are four options to choose from Narrow (similar to a 27 mm lens), linear without distortion (19 mm), wide (16 mm), and Max SuperView – with the widest viewing angle (13 mm).

Video with time-lapse and slow-mo effects

The camera allows you to create exciting time-lapse videos and slow-mo. It works with Time Warp 2.0 technology, with which you can automatically adjust the speed of video recording, depending on what is in the viewfinder.

Shooting panoramas at 270 degrees

The new camera has a special mode for creating panoramas – PowerPano. One press of a button – and a distortion-free photo with a 270-degree angle of coverage and a resolution of 6.2 megapixels is ready. The function works with either of the two cameras.

In this regard, the use of all-seeing MAX cameras looks preferable to the standard panoramic mode on a smartphone. In the case of the latter, you will have to slowly move the viewfinder in an arc, while the GoPro takes the finished picture with one click.

Six microphones for surround sound

The new action camera is equipped with a set of six microphones, which are designed to record high-quality surround sound. They cut off unnecessary noise and control its direction. Additional external microphones can be eliminated with the GoPro MAX and will simplify the recording process.

Interesting fact: The camera also has special sound settings that make it possible to focus on the subject. This mode works like human hearing, and if you try to listen to something specific, then you stop paying attention to the surrounding noise.

Durability, water-resistance and proprietary mount

GoPro MAX comes with special protective lenses that fit on both cameras. Together with them, the gadget can be safely installed on a helmet, bicycle steering wheel, or car body and not be afraid for its safety. This will be helped by a special proprietary mount – these are two folding brackets that are located on the bottom of the camera body. With the help of them, it will also be possible to mount it on a tripod, monopod, or other branded accessory – the same ones used in GoPro HERO8 and other cameras of the company.

GoPro MAX is waterproof. Without additional accessories, the camera can be submerged to a depth of 5 meters. This opens up great opportunities for underwater photography. Add to this the creation of spherical content, there is a wide scope for creativity.

Convenient mobile application

Like other modern GoPro gadgets, MAX works with the company’s proprietary application that can be installed on a smartphone. With the help of it, it will be possible to connect to the camera via Wi-Fi, dump all the materials into the memory of the mobile device, as well as, process the necessary ones, and upload them to the network. 

Imagine how dizzying your Instagram stories can get if you capture them in spherical mode, with a 360-degree camera. With the help of the program, it will be possible to select the required angle of the video or edit it with a dynamic change in direction.

One of the main features of the GoPro MAX is the ability to select the desired angle after shooting. The camera sees everything that is happening around, so a regular spherical shot can be turned into a panorama in a couple of clicks. This is just one example that will push the boundaries of your creativity.

Downloading The App: App for easy camera control

Is free

Outcome: GoPro MAX is a versatile tool for anyone looking to expand their creative possibilities. To do this, the gadget has a reliable case with lens protection that can be immersed underwater, and an additional camera for shooting 360 degrees, and all possible accompanying modes.

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