Are Sportstech treadmills any good?

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Are Sportstech treadmills any good?

From our experience and research, Sportstech treadmills are good value for money and cater to all levels. 

The company behind the brand sports-tech are from Germany, Berlin to be precise, and are called Innovamaxx. They are behind some other brands also, including, Bluewheel, Deskfit, and Releaxxnow.

Over the last few years, they have become a prevalent name in sports equipment. They sell most of their products on Amazon, and through our research and experience, most of their equipment is well received. 

For beginners, the f10 is one of their lower-end models. And if you are a more experienced runner and need a more challenging workout, the F37 is a good option.

There will always be an odd mishap or unhappy customer somewhere. And this seems to be the case when it comes to some of the reviews we have read. 

Mostly Positive Reviews

But as we said, most are positive, and if you set your expectation correctly, and know what you are looking for, then chances are you will be happy with your purchase and enjoy it for years to come.

If you have been looking for a treadmill but don’t know where to begin, here are some of Sportstechs popular treadmills for you to check out. 

At the time of writing this article, all have good reviews. You can take a quick look at the prices by clicking on the link next to that particular model. Amazon have rules against against writing product prices on websites, as the price can change.

The link will open up a new tab so you can take a quick look. And when finished, this page will still be open in your browser, so you can continue reading. I hope anyway!

The Sportstech F10

Best Entry-Level Treadmill From Sportstech – The F10

If it is an entry-level treadmill you are looking for, there’s the Sportstech F10 treadmill has become popular over the last few years as it performs well for a budget treadmill.

The quiet engine and comfortable running surface provide a good running experience for a machine in its price range and comes with enough features to keep you motivated while working out.

That said, it won’t compete with higher-budget treadmills, but for the price, you can’t go wrong, and there are many reviews saying the same.

The 1hp DC motor produces under 68db of noise and allows you to reach speeds up to 10km/h. While 10km/h is not fast enough for intense running, it is perfect for jogging, and for some, 10km/h is the ideal speed.

Overall the design of the F10 treadmill is compact and sturdy and can take a user weight of up to 120kg, which is more than reasonable for a low-end machine. 

There are 12 pre-set 30-minute programmes that are useful for getting started and include a steady warm that ranges in speed from 2 km/h to 5km/h. 

The fitter you get, the more you can progress up the programmes, which get more intense as you go higher. Programme number 12, for instance, fluctuates between 5km/h and 10 km/h for a 30-minute challenging workout.

The F10 is one of Sportstechs lower-end treadmills and is most suited for light workouts. 

At this price point, you will struggle to find a treadmill that will reach high enough speeds for high-intensity workouts.

F10 Main Features:

  • Top Speed: 10 km/h 
  • Motor Size: ‎1 Horsepower
  • Programmes: 13 programmes
  • App Compatibility: Yes
  • Max User Weight: ‎120 Kilograms
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Light workouts/jogging/walking

Sportstech F31 

The F31 treadmill is one of Sportstechs mid-range models, and comes with enough features to keep your workouts challenging.

It delivers on both value and performance and, in our opinion, is one of the best on our list, as it has plenty of features you’d expect on higher-end machines and is overall a good treadmill.

With a top speed of 16km/h, it is faster than the F10, and comes with a powerful DC motor that produces little noise and includes 12 training programmes and a 5-inch display.

If comfort is your thing, the treadmill deck has a 6-zone cushioning system that helps reduce the impact on your legs as you run.

The F31 Overview

If you want a more well-rounded treadmill, the Sportstech F31 is a good option. As with the f10, the f31 is foldable, making it easy to store when not in use.

With a long life 4-hp dc motor, the machine runs smoothly, delivers a good running experience and can reach speeds of 16km/h.

The 4-hp motor on the f31 means you can use the machine daily without worrying about burning out the motor, as is known to happen on some lower-end treadmills.

Thanks to its self-lubricating system, there is less maintenance required. The self-lubricating system helps to distribute the silicon evenly, which helps to keep the machinery running smoothly, thus, keeping breakdowns to a minimum in the long term and reducing the need for frequent oiling.

One of the things that separate a well made treadmill from a bad one is the running deck. Thankfully, the f31 has a fantastic cushioning system that reduces the impact on leg joints. The 5-layer cushioning and damping system with the quiet and powerful motor make the f31 an enjoyable machine to run on.

The training programmes on the f31 allow you to work your way through the fitter you get and are helpful to add variation to your workouts and keep you motivated. 

Each of the 12 pre-installed programmes automatically adjusts the speed and incline to suit your goals. And if the time comes when the pre-installed programmes are not demanding enough, you can manually set and adjust the speed and incline, to suit the intensity you like.

Another feature that makes the f31 a good option, is a built-in hydraulic system that makes it easy to fold as it automatically does it itself. The 5-inch LCD monitor means you can view your stats while running. Distance ran, calories burnt, heart rate and speed are all on the show via the console.

You also have the option of connecting your phone or tablet via the treadmill’s in-built Bluetooth speakers and listening to music as you go.

And if that is not enough, you can connect to apps such as the Kinomap and receive coaching, and use all of its streaming functions that make those long sessions more exciting and enjoyable.

The sleek and modern design of the f31 looks great, making it a viable addition to any home gym.

Main Features of The F31:

  • Top Speed: 16 km/h 
  • Motor Size: ‎2 Horsepower – 4hp peak
  • Programmes: 12 programmes
  • Running surface of 1200*420mm.
  • Dimensions L x W x H 156.5 x 73 x 127 centimetres
  • Incline:
  • App Compatibility: Yes
  • Max User Weight: ‎120 Kilograms
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Jogging/walking/running
  • MULTIMEDIA CONSOLE+: A large 5.5 inch LCD 
  • Low-noise operation below 75dB
  • Low-maintenance automatic belt lubrication system
  • Weight 75 LBS
  • Foldable

Sportstech FX300

The FX300 is a nice-looking treadmill that has a slimline design. It may be the best-looking machine on this list but is certainly not the most powerful.

It’s not the slowest either, with a top speed of 16km/h. But at this price point, I believe there are better options available. 

That said, the selling point of this treadmill is its slimline design and usability, so don’t count it out yet.

Because if you need a treadmill that is relatively easy to store when not in use, paired with its features and reasonable top speed (for the price), it’s certainly not a bad option.

The FX300 collapses/folds down to an impressive 21cm/7inches, making it ideal for storing it away. And at this height, when collapsed, it can fit under some beds.

It is relatively lightweight for a treadmill and has wheels, allowing you to move it around without much difficulty.

One other thing that sets this apart from the others is that it comes assembled. Handy if you’re not great with tools or don’t want to waste your time putting it together.

The FX300 lacks a few of the features seen on the other mid-range treadmill on the list.

There is no automatic lubrication and no incline either. The likely hood is that Sportstech had to do without these features to achieve the FX300’s slimline design.

Still, there’s no point in all the machines having the same things. Each should have unique features that cater to our needs. 

And it seems that Sportstech set out to do that and offer their customers a mid-range machine that can be stored easily and still provide enough power for an effective workout.

We like this treadmill and appreciate what it is trying to achieve, and if you are short of space, it’s a good option. 

But if you are looking to challenge yourself, you’ll need a machine that inclines with the top speed of the FX300. Or a faster treadmill altogether.

Main Features of The FX300 :

  • Top Speed: 16 km/h
  • Motor Size: ‎2 HP
  • App Compatibility: Yes
  • Max User Weight: ‎120 Kilograms
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • 9- pre-installed programs
  • Jogging/walking/running
  • Easy folding system (no assembly required!)
  • Ultra-slim: folded to only 21 cm in height.
  • Running surface 51 cm x 120 cm
  • Compatible with pulse belt + fingerprint pulse function.
  • LED display
  • “Super Silence” technology below 60db
  • Easy damping technology for joints (5-layer tread).
  • Transport wheels.

Sportstech F37

The F37 is a little bit more expensive than the FX300 but offers much more power for the price. Sometimes treadmills come with so many features that the machine itself becomes cumbersome to operate.

Thankfully this is not the case with the F37. Although it still has plenty of features to keep you motivated, it focuses on the main things and does not lose sight of the most important thing, running experience.

The F37 provides power, reliability, and an enjoyable running experience. And there’s no doubt it can compete against any similarly priced machine on the market.

As for speed, thanks to the 7- horsepower motor (peak), you can reach a top speed of 20k/h. Which, at this price point, is rather impressive. The max user weight is also beefed up compared to the previous machines and can take a max weight of 150kg.

If the top speed of 20km/h is not enough to get the sweat flowing, the motorised elevation (incline) will make your workouts more challenging and effective.

There is one thing to note, however. It is a large machine, so it may not be suitable if space is an issue.

Overall, the F37 is a good all-rounder that suits both intermediate and experienced runners, while the user-friendly interface and operability make it a good option for the beginner.

Main Features of The F37 :

  • Top Speed: 20 km/h 
  • Motor Size: ‎3 HP (7 hp max)
  • Programmes: 12 varied programmes
  • Running surface 1300 x 500mm
  • Dimensions 171 x 83.5 x 137.5 cm
  • Incline: 15% inclination
  • App Compatibility: Yes
  • Max User Weight: ‎150 Kilograms
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Jogging/walking/running
  • 7.5″ LCD 
  • Low-noise operation below 75dB
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Foldable
  • Compatible with pulsation belt
  • Ventilation system
  • Loudspeaker
  • 8-zone damping system reliably absorbs the impact

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