OlarHike Queen Air Bed And Other Air Mattresses

In this article, we go over some of the most popular air beds and try to help you choose which is best for you. The first mattress we cover is the OlarHike Queen air bed. It comes with a built-in pump that makes life that bit easier.

All the mattresses provide good value for money and are ideal for outdoor activities, such as camping. Or you may have an unexpected guest and need a quick solution to get you by for a while.

If you enjoy camping and the outdoors, you know how important it is to have high-quality camping gear. And if you want to make the best of your trip, the air mattress is a must-have.

Some people prefer to go camping with the bare necessities. They bring only the necessary goods and sleep on the ground under the stars.

But that isn’t for everyone. While the concept sounds appealing, waking up the next day with a stiff cold back and aching limbs isn’t ideal. A simple solution for this is an air mattress. One that is highly rated and won’t let you down during the night.

Air mattresses are available in a range of sizes to accommodate almost any sized tent or camper van. The installation of your air mattress is easy and quick, thanks to built-in pumps.

Take advantage of a high-quality air mattress to make camping simpler. You’ll wake up refreshed and eager to tackle the day’s outdoor activities.

Are you prepared to make your camping trips a little more pleasant?

Types of Air Mattress

Air mattresses have come a long way. The first ones were thin and barely raised you off the ground. But by morning, the air would be almost gone, and you would be back on the floor.

Fortunately, today’s air mattresses have advanced considerably. There are several designs to choose from based on your style, usage, and budget.

Raised mattresses are the most popular option. They’re about 2-3 feet higher than standard air beds. When inflated, raised air beds resemble a conventional air bed but are thicker and more comfortable.

There are also convertible air beds, which can be used as a piece of furniture when not in use.

Self-inflating mattresses have become the most popular type of air bed. These mattresses have an attached air pump that inflates them automatically, making the set-up quick and easy.

Finding the Right Size

Air mattresses come in many sizes, so there is always an option, whatever your needs are.

If you’re looking for an air mattress, the size that’s right for you depends on your demands and purposes. So, if you’re going camping in a tent, you’ll want a smaller mattress, such as a twin or a full. These will be simpler to move, set up, and fit inside most average-size tents.

The most popular size for family camping is the queen size as it provides enough room for two people and does not take up too much space.

Finding the Right Comfort Level

Finding the appropriate degree of comfort will vary from person to person. Some people may dislike them because they are too soft, while others may find them too hard. But, after some searching online, you’ll discover the one that’s just right.

The more dense the mattress, the more comfortable it will be. Mattresses with a greater thickness have additional air surrounding you to help support your body and keep you off the ground.

Cheap air mattresses often lose air during the night while you are sleeping. And by morning, parts of your body touch the floor.

There are air mattresses with a layer of memory foam on top.

The addition of the foam makes for greater comfort, while the air beneath your weight supports you. These tend to be more expensive than others, but they provide more comfort and support.

The Air Pump & Set-Up

The next thing to think about is how simple the air mattress is to inflate. Pumping air into a bed can be difficult, especially when using a manual hand or foot pump.

There are still a lot of mattresses on the market that require manual pumping. However, self-inflating pumps are gaining in popularity. These pumps operate on electricity or battery power to inflate the mattress automatically.

Self-inflating mattresses are simple to use. People with physical limitations that make them unable to operate a manual air pump may appreciate this option. If you need more air in the middle of the night, flip the pump on to inflate.

OlarHike Queen air bed

The OlarHike Queen air bed makes life easy with its built-in electric pump. Now you can have your bed set up in no time by simply turning the switch clockwise. To deflate, turn the switch counterclockwise and wait.

It takes under ten minutes for the bed to fully inflate. Depending on your preference, it could take as little as five minutes if you like to sleep on a soft mattress.

There’s a small compartment on the side to house the power cable so you can keep the sleeping area clutter-free and safe from tripping hazards.

Sitting roughly 18 inches from the floor, it is perfect for both children and adults. And the raised edges prevent you from falling out of bed while sleeping.

A good quality raised air bed can give you the feeling of sleeping on a sprung mattress. And with the inner construction of the OlarHike Queen mattress, you could be forgiven for thinking as much.

Inside, you will find an inner coil construction that provides added support, providing a stable and comfortable sleeping experience. The coil construction also helps prevent the mattress from sinking over time.

Underneath is coated in thick PVC, protecting the mattress from debris on the floor. The fabric is double layered and is puncture resistant for peace of mind.

EZ INFLATE Double High Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

The EZ INFLATE air mattress allows you to have a comfortable night’s sleep and holds up to 300 lbs. The twin-size mattress is made from puncture-resistant PVC and measures a full 76 inches by 38 inches.

The mattress uses coil beam technology for added comfort and stability.

One of the things we like about the EZ inflate is that it is measured from edge to edge on the soft flocked top and not the rounded edges of the mattress. Providing you with more space to sleep on.

The EZ INFLATE allows you to customise the mattress to the desired firmness in no time by choosing the desired level of air. Add or remove air by turning the inflate/deflate valve on the side to maximise your comfort level.

One thing to note about the EZ inflate twin air mattress is the number of good reviews. Thousands of good reviews at the time of writing. So, if you still have doubts, you can follow the links to see for yourself.

The mattress comes with a 2-year warranty which brings peace of mind.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee included.

Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed

Premium King Size Raised Air Bed

Why not go all in and live it up in luxury with the Active Era king-size air bed. For the price, it’s hard to get more for the money. 

Don’t let the word king-size put you off. The mattress’s portable and compact size makes it easy to pop in the boot of your car for that camping trip or store away when not being used. And it can support up to 250kg.

The Active Era has a high-quality and hardwearing puncture-resistant material and even includes a built-in pillow for added neck support. While the dual-layer, soft waterproof flocked top provides a comfortable base layer and added support.

The mattress is made from an extra-thick 15-gauge puncture-resistant PVC and comes with air coil support. The air coil support, enhanced with 35 air coiled support columns, ensures the air bed stays firm and comfortable. 

With a thickness of 48cm, you don’t need to worry about the creepy crawlies on the floor. 

As with all the mattresses in our list, the Active Era includes a built-in electric pump that can inflate the bed in as little as 3 minutes. To deflate, flick the switch and watch it automatically deflate.

There’s also a convenient air valve for releasing air or manual inflating.

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